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As I’m nearing the end of my internship, I’ve been feeling like I’m seeing the same things. Life as an intern at a public defender’s office is never banal, but I’ve learned so much and seen so much that nothing seems new. However, last week the interns were charged with writing synopses of several interviews and files that serve as evidence for a high profile case. It was a pretty nerve-wracking task because there weren’t any transcripts- we had to very carefully document hours of interviews. Also, our client was mumbling throughout the interviews and we couldn’t hear half of what he was saying so we had to hold the mac we were using to our heads (which, because we were in a conference room, garnered us some weird looks haha). Also, I swear people looking on thought we were just hanging in the conference room watching netflix (the fact that we were chowing down on snacks probably didn’t help, either). We finished our task in spite of our mumbling client and we can now officially say we worked on a high profile case (and are killing the game).                                                       

Hannah Stechschulte

My name is Hannah Stechschulte and I'm a French/International Studies double-major at U of M.

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