Increase Web Traffic with SEO | #4

One of my recent internship projects has been to increase page views on the website I developed for the firm. One way to increase page views is through search engine optimization (SEO), which helps a website show up higher on search engines and appear across a wider range of search terms.

Some SEO techniques include creating titles and descriptions for each page (which is the text that appears as you hover over a tab on your browser), adding anchor text (which is text that you can click on that takes you to another page), adding alt text to images (which describes the content of a photo, and can be read by screen readers to improve accessibility), personalizing a custom title that shows up on Google, and writing descriptive content that users are likely to search for. After working through these changes starting July 16th, there was a clear increase in page views. Check out the results:


I started the SEO improvements on July 16th, and the time period between July 16th to the 22nd had a 20% page view increase compared to the previous week. Although we can’t determine the exact change in page views that the SEO changes are responsible for, a general upward trend is a good indication that the changes are making a difference.

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