Informational Interview: Within Organization

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned during the internship is the importance of data and its use. Before joining the company, I was more familiar with the term “creative marketing” which is a marketing strategy to draw the consumers’ purchases using visual contents such as promotional videos, outdoor events, banners, etc. Usually, the clients would provide a fixed amount of budget, and the marketing agency would create visual advertisements and distribute them on various media like TVs, newspapers, magazines, etc. The disadvantage of “creative marketing” is that it is hard to determine whether the consumers have actually purchased the clients’ products from encountering the advertisements or was it a trending luck.

Nowadays, many IT companies are using tracking tools and data dashboards to track every moments of consumers’ behavior and interests in the Internet – handing what is so-called Big Data is very precious and the more data we have, the better the company understand the consumers.

While I was at Buzzvil, I have taken a few courses on data analysis taught by a co-worker in the company. I have learned how to write queries to bring data that I need and visualize them on dashboards. After conducting an informational interview with the co-worker who led the course, I have learned that he had studied both business administration and statistics in undergraduate and advanced statistics in gradate school. Due to the importance of data analysis and my interest in working for IT companies, when I get back to school, I have decided to study a few statistics and computer science courses to become more friendly with understanding data and writing code. Moreover, he gave me an advice to read the most updated news and articles on data analysis on the Internet because the world is shaping really fast. I had a great time taking his courses and discussing my career plans to become a future data analyst.

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  • August 14, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Great to hear that your conversation led to tangible next steps!


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