It’s not goodbye, it’s see you…. | Blog #5

I have never been one to be comfortable with goodbye’s. (I have cried every single time I have watched the Friends finale. Every time.)

The end of pretty much anything saddens me, however I know that as one door closes, another opens. I have bittersweet feelings about my internship ending. For many of my friends, they prefer studying in school rather than working in an office. For me, I love doing both pretty equally, since they both offer me dynamic ways to learn. The information I learn at a hands-on internship is different than what I learn in my Michigan classroom, and it is the combination of both that I appreciate.

I can’t even begin to list the things I have learned this summer that I will apply to my studies, but I will try! Firstly, every morning at our sales meeting I would take detailed hand-written notes, then send a concise yet detailed recap to the entire sales team. Many mornings, I would receive replies thanking me for my clarity. I can apply this to my note-taking. At the beginning of each class I have ever taken, I usually take hand-written notes and see how this method affects me on my first test. If it is not working, I change my methods. Some classes I start on the computer, and then see how well I do. Going forward, I am now going to always take hand-written notes in one notebook, then transfer these notes in a more organized fashion to my computer. This way, I can solidify the information, and still have my hand-written notes for reference. As I have been doing this throughout my whole internship, I can say that at 3PM each day I can remember exactly what was said at the 9:30 meeting, due to my meticulous note-taking methods. I am eager to try this method in a classroom setting, and I just know it will have a positive impact on my grades.

Another skill that I will bring with me is to step more out of my comfort zone. I would never call myself shy, but sometimes I shy away from engaging in activities that are outside of my comfort zone, which I usually am happy about, but have a small hint of guilt about. At my internship, my comfort zone has been put to the test. Twice at my internship, I have been a “doorman” for our real estate events, checking people off a guest list I compiled. I was not thrilled when I was first asked to do this, as I was informed that there would be crashers of the event and I would have to turn them away. I knew that the reputation of my company was at stake if I let in these crashers, so I gained courage to politely decline guests that were not invited, and keep the clientele of my company satisfied. This taught me to be even more outgoing and confident. It takes me time to truly be myself in front of people that I newly meet, but stepping outside of my comfort zone in such a manner has allowed me to be myself at the office, with all of my coworkers. Saying yes to more things that frighten me is something I am eager to do in the school year. Getting involved in opportunities that will allow me to grow as an individual is something I am super excited to do.

I can’t wait to return to campus, equipped with a new skillset and industry experience that I will relay into my classroom and unto my peers. As much as I love NYC and cannot wait to return, I do miss my maize and blue environment.

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