Living in Ann Arbor | #3

Though I have the privilege to walk the vivid streets of Ann Arbor during the Michigan school year, living up here outside of academic time is something completely different. Though I do have responsibilities up here, Ann Arbor as a city is so community based and always has something to offer. I attended Art Fair two weekends ago, something I never even heard of and it was wonderful to see hundreds of thousands of people come up for this one event. It’s the opportunities like this or Top of the Park which make this city as enjoyable to live in as well as go to undergrad in. I could definitely see myself working in the area as it offers both the conveniences of a city while being small enough to not get overwhelmed.

At my job I am also learning a lot about my character, working far away from my home in New Jersey. A lot of it is based around leadership and being accountable for your own work. I am given tasks and although I do have someone I can look to guidance for it is my duty to show up and get the work done.  Leadership, I’ve learned, works not only by motivating others but by putting your best work out there to contribute to the group as a whole. This organization is very interconnected between departments and centered on common goals making each person’s success a win for the entire unit. This type of atmosphere pushes me to work even harder because I have others relying on me. When looking towards jobs in the future I know I want to be in a situation similar to this as it is an environment I thrive in.

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