Obstacle No More | Blog #5

Throughout the course of my internship thus far, one obstacle I have been facing is with Microsoft Excel, and the level of proficiency required in order to “excel” (no pun intended) within the financial industry.  A major part of my role as an intern here at Treasury Partners requires me to update Asset Allocations, which means editing client portfolios’ in order to amend them based off by investment thesis/current market trends. However, I must say that my experience with excel was minimal prior to this summer.

Unfortunately at the University of Michigan, it is difficult to gain experience with Excel due to the lack of program usage in my current coursework. Therefore, in order to enhance my skills, I must practice on my own and take classes independent of the University of Michigan so I am able to keep up with the competition.

When I first started, updating these allocations was difficult, and it was taking way longer than it should have been in order to transfer data and input certain formulas into a spreadsheet. I didn’t want to ask the associates and directors above me because I wanted to look competent, especially because these updates were deemed to be “simple” tasks.

Therefore, I tried to be as self-sufficient as possible, and I learned all that I could from the internet. It turns out, the internet is a very beneficial resource, and I was able to learn more than I thought I was able to. As a result, I was able to perform the appropriate functions and I learned something from it – how to perform the certain Excel task and that I am self-sufficient, and am capable of learning more on my own than I could have thought.

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