Oops! #5

One mistake I made during the course of my internship was while completing a task to switch ADP tracker links with EDP tracker links in an excel spreadsheet my boss had briefly walked me through.  Clearly unfamiliar with technology lingo and attempting to write down a million words a minute in my notepad, I went into the task uneasy but ready to give it my best shot.  After I had completed (or so I thought) the task and sent an email to my boss letting her know it was done, I got an email back 20 minutes later letting me know I had done the whole thing incorrectly and she would now have to go back and redo it herself.  Of course my job as an intern is supposed to be to help make my boss’s life easier, so the second I got this email I had a pit in my stomach and just thought “wow, bummer.”  I went over to her desk immediately and apologized immensely but also inquired about what I had done wrong.  She showed me the mistake I made and explained to me how to fix it for next time.  Although the mistake I made was very small and easily fixable, it was a mistake nonetheless and was discouraging when you are trying to prove yourself at a company.   I moved on from the mistake by understanding what I did wrong, writing the correct and clarified information in my notebook, and never making the same mistake again.

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