The Case Study #3

Last week was the beginning of our intern case study. All the interns were put into different teams to complete an analysis of a company and present to a panel of senior management after a week. The assignment itself is cool but what I found most beneficial from the week was learning what it was like to be fully staffed on a live deal. Having to complete this assignment while still doing my work for my normal team was definitely a challenge at first. However, it is an important experience because I had to coordinate working with my team across different parts of the bank, which is essential for my group’s usual role. Luckily, all the group work I do at school helped me with this and we were able to work pretty well as a team.

We get to present tomorrow and we are the first group to go so hopefully all the work comes together well. I’m looking forward to presenting in front of some of the senior management. After that, I will have less than two weeks left in my internship and in New York, which is crazy. I still have so many things to learn and try before I leave!

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