Un week-end incroyable | #8

The alarm stunned my ears as I swooped in for a precious snooze. It was 3:15 AM, nearly time to call an Uber for my latest journey.


Almost every summer, the family of my mother’s colleague stays at our house in Boston. They hail from Switzerland, and once I decided to make the trek to Cardiff, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn the tables.


As a longstanding French student, I requested to speak french for the entire weekend to immerse myself in the language. My hosts happily obliged, and were impressed by my ability to effectively communicate considering my lack of travel to a french speaking country. It was a fantastic opportunity to boost my vocabulary and gauge my abilities.


Summit of Mont Fort


Our first destination was the town of Verbier, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. We stayed in a traditional chalet, and indulged in Swiss cuisine. I even ate cheese made by neighbors from up the street!


The next day was the most essential activity of the trip – a hike in the Alps. There were ridiculous views of towering mountains; some shrouded in greenery, others in snow.


Views from the trail


The most memorable food moment from the trip occurred outside a small cabin overlooking the towering countryside. There we enjoyed a heaping portion of fondue, and made sure not to drink water during the meal. Legend has it water hardens the molten cheese in the stomach and causes an unpleasant bout of indigestion.


The isolated cabin where we stopped for lunch


That night, I went out and met some locals, many of whom spoke some English. I believe the most unique aspect of Switzerland is its diversity – my hosts speak five different languages!


Unique art piece in Lac Léman


I concluded my trip with a fantastic outdoor brunch and a trip to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. C’était vraiment une expérience incroyable!

2 thoughts on “Un week-end incroyable | #8

  • August 1, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Wow Jared, that sounds like a wonderful weekend. I’m glad you were able to practice your French and to visit family friends. It’s so incredible to me that your hosts speak 5 different languages – in the US that would be quite extraordinary, while in Switzerland it would be much more common to speak French, German, English, Italian, etc.

    • August 9, 2017 at 5:45 pm

      I did not realize how surrounded Switzerland truly is — it borders 5 countries!


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