Wrong start, right end! Blog#4

My initial goals when I got here were to do with gaining the skills that would allow to me work in either marketing or as an HR, and maybe get a return offer at this office. I thought I would be doing work such as making ads and using photoshop, making projects, planning events. In the end, nothing like that happened but I am happy about this. Since this is a startup, it means that I have to do a lot of work that might be very unrelated to my job title, and the funny thing is, my job title has changed so much over the past few months. I was at first supposed to be in marketing, and my main job was to write blogs, articles and sometimes the content in an ad. Then I was suddenly talking with our mentors and contacting new mentors, sending our about 50 emails a day.

Right now my coworkers denominate me as the business developer since I am the recruiter for mentors and I talk with firms with a chance of cooperating with us. On the side I also do a lot of guidance towards the students, resume editing and mock interviews. Even though I was not expecting this from the start of my internship, this has been a nice change from what I thought I wanted to do. I now know a lot better what I am good at and what I want to do for the future with the new set of skills I learned, which is ranging from HR talent acquisition or business development. I am hoping that with my increased interpersonal skills and fearlessness I can get a job in one of my dream companies such as Disney or Universal. I have also learned to get over my fear of calling a person and talking to them as well as gaining the skillset of cold calling and negotiating with people.


I am still lacking in the area of leading a team of people. I was the first person to go into business development in this company mainly because of my communication skills and my English level, therefore at first it was just me. Now they have hired more people in order to spread out the workload, but I don’t seem to lead them or teach my team members very well. I really don’t know how to offer my knowledge to them, instead they just have to ask me what to do next and I just show them through my computer how to do things. This has made it hard since I will be leaving the company once the internship is over and they are left clueless on how to proceed with mentors or potential cooperating firms. Instead of teaching them, I also try to take all the work myself which is probably not the best idea.

All in all, this was a good learning experience not only inside a firm but also for myself and my view of this world and the people around me. It made me appreciate lots of people, it taught me that some people are not worth the time, and that sometimes you don’t always have to do things in a certain very rigid way.

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