Appreciating your identity | #3







This week I have become more comfortable at the nursing home. I have learned the names of the majority of people in my section. I know what kind of food they like and their tendencies and habits. We have also helped the elderly with physical therapy and simple exercises. This week students from the largest university in Cusco came to have a birthday celebration for the elderly. The birthday celebration was fun to be a part of.

I went along with other volunteers in my hostel to the animal conservatory in Cusco and got to interact with many kinds of animals. The main attraction at the conservatory was the condor both because of its beauty and symbolism to the Incan culture. The condor along with the Puma and the snake represented religious significance in the Incan culture. The Condor represented the messenger between earth and heaven.

An individual identity that I have seen in a different light here in Cusco is being American. Growing up here in the states you do not really think about what it means to be an American. Growing up in the United States you do not realize the impact that the United States has on the world. I see its impact everywhere from restaurants to fashion trends here in Cusco. Being in such a tourist heavy city and living in a hostel I have met people from all over the world. When they ask me where I am from I say the United States. I have been asked where I’m from many times and the more I say the United States the prouder I am to represent a country as great as this one.


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  • August 1, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    The pictures aren’t loading, but learning about the Incan culture sounds so fascinating! I agree that it’s interesting to see how much influence the US has on the world, from movies and fashion to political clout. Do you think that the large influence the US has also means larger responsibility in what we do? Or conversely, how has experiencing Peruvian culture for yourself compared to how Peru is represented in the US?


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