Blog 3: Personality Changes

I’m nearing the end of the internship and I’m still learning something new every week. I started off working behind the scenes, trying to crunch numbers, and finding potential businesses to acquire. As the internship went on, it became more about getting to know the seller of the business and negotiating the terms of the purchase. Even as the technical aspects of the internship changes, I noticed something else… something more intangible. The work I was doing was also helping shape me as a person and changing my personality and my qualities. The slightly awkward, less confident teen was slowly fading away and replaced by a well-rounded intern confident in his abilities to carry out the tasks asked of him. This isn’t to say that the work got easier. In fact, trying to remember all the small, nitty-gritty details about each business deal is tough and keeping track of them takes time and effort. It was just I was less worried about making mistakes and learned to depend on my colleagues for their support on gathering data and analyzing it. I became more trusting and turned into a team player from being a person who preferred to work alone. This internship has changed me for the better and I hope to continue pursuing similar opportunities in hopes of such enriching experiences.

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