Blog 3 – Learning to be Myself

My family has always made fun of me because I talk a lot– some would say too much. They say I get it from my grandmother, and while we all of course adore my grandmother, something tells me that they do not mean this as a compliment. This summer, however, I am starting to see my inability to shut up for more than five minutes at a time in a different light. Before I started working last summer, my parents continuously told me to be polite and reserved, and so I did just that. During my internship last summer, I fostered a lot of great relationships, and due to my parents’ warning and my own nerves, I must say that in those relationships, I was not fully behaving like myself. The relationships I created were not only professional but also quite formal ones, and I was working with a team of individuals who focused primarily on research-based projects, and less on conversation-based projects. During my time there, I trained myself to be quiet and behave like those around me in order to fit in and make the best impression possible. I behaved in a more reserved manner than I am used to, and there was nothing wrong with that; it was just different. At iHeart this summer, however, I am working with a team where everyone has their own responsibilities, yet all of these responsibilities are very intertwined, and in order to reach their common goal, constant back and forth conversation is absolutely imperative. I am with a team of conversation-driven individuals who remind me a lot of myself, and for that reason, the relationships, while professional, are much more open. The people I work with have become friends with each other on a personal level in addition to their work relationships, and I am getting to know them all very personally through constant conversation and demonstrated interest in each other’s lives. This summer, I am learning that I can be professional, yet, I can still be my loquacious self, and I can showcase my full personality in a work environment.

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