Blog 4 – The Creepy Friend

Last semester, I received a new nickname among my friends; I became Ally, “the creepy friend.” As much as this may sound like bullying, I can assure you that my friends meant it in an endearing way, and I am not at all offended by this nickname due to the true reasoning behind it.

For some reason, I have a ridiculously good memory when it comes to names and faces. If I meet someone once, even if for just a second, no matter where I am, I remember their name and face for the rest of time. There have been very few exceptions. My friends have deemed it “creepy” that I always remember everyone and thus say hello to people by name after just one meeting, and frankly, I don’t disagree. It is definitely bizarre and it is out of my control. However, for the first time, the creepy gene is starting to pay off; in fact, it is a key reason I am achieving my goals to “network, network, network” and “create a lasting impression.” For example, when I was in my informational interview, someone came in to ask the man I was interviewing a quick question. While he was there, he quickly introduced himself as Matt, and we briefly shook hands. Later that day, Matt ended up holding the elevator for me and I said, “thank you, Matt” and he seemed impressed that I remembered his name, and now, we always say hello whenever we pass each other in the office. My quick memory with names, combined with the fact that I am really pushing myself to make a lasting impression due to my goal-setting, and the structure of the program (which constantly has the interns meeting new people), has really helped me achieve my goals of networking and creating a lasting impression this summer. This trifecta has allowed me to get to know tons of people at iHeart, and in turn, they have gotten to know me as well.

Now for an area of improvement. At my internship last summer, I was sure never to touch my phone, and it even lived in my bag all day while I was at work. It made sense to do so, because of course I wanted to impress them, and no one else was ever on their phones in the office. Now, I am in an environment where everyone leaves their phones on their desks, and uses them throughout the day. For that reason, I have found myself somewhat “abusing” my phone privileges. I don’t know how they feel about this and I definitely do not feel comfortable asking the extent to which phone usage is acceptable. I guess the obvious solution would probably be to leave my phone in my bag where it belongs…

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