Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

In my internship I overcame the obstacles of a few things. In my first obstacle my boss gave me a project to analyze certain mutual funds. Sometimes it was difficult to get the right mutual funds in the study because they all have a 5 digit code that are random letters that tend to be very similar to each other. In the project I mixed some funds up and put in the wrong funds. My boss wasn’t angry about the mistake, but gave me some grief about how I didn’t pay attention to detail. I hadn’t messed up to this point so this was the first time I was disappointed in myself. I just told myself that it will take time, but it is worth it to double check and make sure I did it right.

Another obstacle was that I had to send people their Risk Tolerance Questionnaire for their investments through the mail. A couple of the clients wanted to update it over the phone, however I wasn’t technically able to do this because I was an intern. Only my boss as the financial advisor was able to do this. This wasn’t as big of a mistake because my boss thought it was dumb that I couldn’t update their answers, but it was still another mistake of mine. This taught me that I need to learn what I can and cannot do.

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