Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

This internship definitely helped me in learning what I want to do with my future. My father is in the same line of work as my boss so I already had a familiar background, but this internship cleared up a lot of questions I had about the profession. Becoming a financial advisor and investing clients money is something I plan on doing in my life, however I don’t plan on doing it when I’m done with school. I believe it’s something that I plan on doing later in life and hope to work with something else correlated with finance first. This has helped me to build my connections and get advice from many different people about different career paths.

For my future education and classes I’ve learned how beneficial it is to go to graduate school, which has now become something I’m focused on. My resume is strong with my work experience and extra-curriculars where a graduate degree to put me into consideration with the top people searching for jobs. I believe the best piece I’ve gained from this internship has been listening to certain people about their career paths and what they would have done differently. This has helped me to develop the pros and cons of my interests with certain jobs, and what I feel I need to do to put me in the best position possible.

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