Blog Post #3

For this weeks post, I am going to answer one of the suggested prompts about diversity. To answer the first question, there is tremendous diversity in the network in terms of not just race but religion, origin, nationality, ethnicity, education, age, and much more. This diversity really lends itself well to the success of the network and the healthy work environment. I think part of this diversity also comes from being in such a big city like Chicago. In Chicago you’re going to find a lot more diversity than in Ann Arbor or even in Detroit. Every day I walk through the halls of the network I see someone that is different in some capacity. There is even diversity amongst the on air employees as well. To my knowledge there are two or three African American heads of certain departments at the Network, and there are a few women who are the heads of their respective departments as well. The network has really made a commitment to women of all backgrounds, and the network knows that it cannot thrive without women. This is one of the aspects about the Network that really attracted me. Women are accepted, embraced, and encouraged to succeed. This is not a network that puts up extra barriers for women. This is a network that strives to tear down the barriers for women, so that they too can succeed. With the political atmosphere of our country right now, the networks attitude towards women as well as other minorities is truly amazing. In previous internships, I have been the only African American woman that worked in the entire organization. I know what it feels like to feel excluded or not valued in the workplace. But at the Big Ten Network, there are a lot of women of color who all feel included. I never walk through the halls of my job feeling less than my colleagues, or like my ideas or presence are being ignored. Since the start of this internship, I felt like the network was a space that I belong in. This sort of atmosphere is one that I hope to work in professionally. This is the sort of space and environment that I thrive in. I also believe that working in diverse places is necessary for people to grow and learn and soak up knowledge. If you only work in places that are familiar to you, with people that look like you, you are really missing out on learning things that are fundamental, and things that will help you really grow in your career and in life. So, overall, my work environment is one that encourages diversity.   


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