Blog Post 4

Over the course of my internship I have learned a lot about leadership and the characteristics that make a good leader and the characteristics that inspire others to follow. When I began the internship I envisioned a work environment where the executives and other high ranking employees barked orders at their staff, and were overall very uptight and strict with their lower level staff in terms of assignments and overall work progress. This was the typical high pressure corporate image I had seen on television and the sort of environment that I felt I could work best in and thrive in. I thought that this was the only sort of environment where real and meaningful work got done.  However, when I got to the network all of those misconceptions were put to rest. A lot of the executives and senior staff members at the network actually have a much different philosophy on leadership, a philosophy that works very well. The executives and senior staff members acquiesce some of their control and give that control to the people that work for they. They choose not to micro-manage, opting instead to let their employees express their own creativity and spark their own ingenuity. Some employees do not work well under a boss who micromanages and doesn’t allow for the growth of his/her employees. Their philosophy on leadership does not shy away from the possibility of making mistakes, but rather embraces that possibility and takes it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and be better the next time. As my internship nears a close, I too have been thinking about my style of leadership and how I would want to run a company. I would not want to run a company or organization where staff members can’t assert their individuality and grow within their field of interest. I would delegate tasks to my employees, tell them how I think the task should be completed, but then open the door for them to create possibilities and take a certain project in the direction they think is most appropriate. If they started to veer a little too far off, this is where I would lend support in helping them adjust back to a more appropriate path for the assignment. This is where effective communication comes in. After working at this company, I see that this style of leadership breeds success and a healthy work environment. This style of leadership inspires employees to come in everyday with a positive attitude, ready to tackle the day. The leadership skills I have learned at the network will serve me well in any capacity of life.   

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