D.C. Bucket List | #4

I had visited D.C. several times before moving here this summer. I had done the museums, walked the monuments, visited Arlington cemetery, everything a tourist is supposed to do. I was looking forward to living in D.C. as a local, discovering new (less crowded) places.

Now, with four days remaining, I feel like I have accomplished my vision. 15 museums, 10 intern outings, 5 government buildings, and 3 states in 10 weeks. Going for evening runs on the National Mall, experiencing a lightening storm under the shelter of the Lincoln Memorial, Wonder Woman shown at the IMAX theater at the National Air and Space Museum, weekend trips to Baltimore and New York City…D.C. offers easy access to so many fantastic opportunities for diverse experiences. As I’m sure many interns would attest, I learned just as much – if not more – from my experience outside of the office as I did inside. It helped that I was fortunate enough to intern with two entirely different offices that both pushed me to take advantage of the opportunities available in D.C. that take place outside of the office.

Take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone – travel alone, take a few hours to explore somewhere new by yourself. It is these experiences that help shape you, and show you how strong you really are.


One thought on “D.C. Bucket List | #4

  • August 2, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    I have never been to D.C., but it looks like such a beautiful place filled with so much culture and history! So glad you were able to complete your bucket list.


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