Fahrenheit 110 | #3

It is HOT down in Dallas, TX in the summer, really hot. Despite the weather, I have really enjoyed the city, and more importantly, the work. But, this week, instead of sharing all the positives, I’m going to change it up a bit and share with you the challenges and difficulties I’ve experienced through my internship thus far. That can be fun too, right?

First, I am experiencing first hand how difficult a weekly travel schedule can be. Last week I had a 5:15am flight out of Chicago to Dallas, which means a roughly 3am wakeup call. Typically the summer is when most people are able to catch up on sleep, but I am feeling just the opposite. Balancing a rigorous work schedule with all the other things you hope to accomplish in a day can be difficult. Being an active person, a visit to the gym is in my daily routine, and that simply becomes a chore when you’re on the road (finding a gym, gaining access, getting there sin car, etc). This is crunch time for the project, so that means days will typically be 8am-6pm, sometimes going a little later depending on the task at hand. Despite the load of work being a touch overwhelming at times, I have really enjoyed having such a practical representation of the scope of the job. It’s better to know now what the job requires, rather than after starting full-time!

The next difficulty I have encountered is staying engaged at all times. There are certainly lulls in the work, where I may complete a task and intermittently be waiting for something new. Despite proactively asking if there is a place I can help, there sometimes won’t be in that instance. I tried my absolute best to stay productive in those instances, by either furthering my training regimen, or completing internship evaluations. It is often times harder to try and stay busy, than to be busy in itself!

Finally, I have found some difficulty in the isolation. While I have an amazing group of friends, who I love being with and talking to, they aren’t in Chicago, or Dallas. It’s been difficult to stay in touch with everyone without actually being together. While I am so fortunate for the experience I’ve had, you can’t help but feel like you’re missing out when they are all together without you. I do try to keep my focus forward and remind myself that this summer is about growth, and this is without question the best way to grow (even if that means having some challenges).

I’m looking forward to the last few weeks of the internship! Can’t wait to keep you all updated further!!


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