First week complete! – Blog #2

Posted June 3rd, 2017.

This first week in the office was a whirlwind! All of us 109 interns got to the office everyday this week at 8 AM and spent the entire day in a big training room. I knew coming into this internship that we would have to be trained before hitting the sales floor, but I was surprised to learn that 2 out of the 10 week internship we would spend in a training room. However, after this first week I can completely understand why this time was well spent. I have come to understand that this Internship is used for Gartner to groom us to be ready for the Account Executive position post graduation. This week of training involved an incredible amount of data and my head is about ready to explode!

Although this week has been a lot of information, the trainers are very nice and make it fun by allowing us to play games to get to know one another. Also, we were given homework this weekend that must be completed by Monday. I didn’t realize I was still in school! The homework is to create a poster board that describes me personally and professionally, including pictures. I figure I will write that I am hardworking, resilient, outgoing and I love to travel.

All in all this first week has been great! I am missing Michigan and Ann Arbor quite a lot but I have met some great people and I have learned an incredible amount about Gartner and the IT world.

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