First Week on the Sales Floor! Blog #3

This was posted June 16th, 2017.

After two weeks of training I was able to hit the sales floor and start setting up meetings, shadowing calls and practicing sales calls with my Account Executive and Business Development teams. It was a successful first week on the floor and I hit the ground running by ending with the 2nd most amount of meetings set out of all 109 interns! I have contributed my success to my ability to talk with an executive presence to CEO’s and CIO’s on the phone and being able to leverage mentors. I was aligned to an AE on my team, MaryGrace, and I will be having weekly meetings with her to ask questions and make sure I have all the resources I need to succeed.

When I first hit the sales floor on Monday I felt overwhelmed and not prepared to start sending emails and calling these C-level executives. However, instead of just jumping in and trying to set meetings, I decided to ask around and find people that are the best at a specific skill. I found Steve, the best cold caller in the game, Kaitlin, the email goddess, and Jim, the LinkedIn master. After a day full of meeting with these three and trying to be a sponge and absorb as much information as possible, I decided to start cold calling my prospects. That first day was extremely efficient. I got 3 prospects live on the phone and set up 3 meetings! My manager made a note to me at the end of the day that I sounded great on the phone and handled objections well.

I learned more in this first week on the job than I have in any job ever before. I learned to write emails and speak at an executive level. I learned how to scrub prospects and determine whom would be a good fit to work with Gartner. Also, I learned best practices in the sales world to be able to move forward in the sales process with a prospect.

I found success this first week, but I am ready to continue finding success and growing personally and professionally over the next 7 weeks!

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