Flexibility and Front Desks -Blog Post #4

If there’s one thing I can readily say I learned from my internship experience at Nova Environmental, it’s how to be adapt quickly. Because I travel all over the state for Nova, I have to be somewhat accepting that setbacks will occur. Sometimes I run out of supplies because I’m staying out of town, and haven’t been able to re-stock at the office in Ann Arbor. Or maybe I’m having car troubles with my precious beast from 1996. Or maybe I didn’t receive building maps and keys on time for a project. Things just happen.

I’ve become really good at rolling with the hits, and that’s something I’m sort of pleased by. I remember in my late high school/ early college years, that if I didn’t know what exactly would happen in a presentation, a family trip, or even going to the grocery store, I was a little overwhelmed. I used to NEED to know what would precisely happen. This internship has really tested that in me.

After a few weeks of working in the field for Nova, I was asked how I felt about working in Port Huron. That would mean that I would stay in a hotel through the week, and spend my weekends at home in Ann Arbor. I didn’t like that I had never been to Port Huron before, I didn’t like that I would be in a hotel alone, I didn’t like that I wouldn’t be around my friends like I am in Ann Arbor. And with those uneasy thoughts flashing through my mind, I blurted “no”. The strange part was that almost immediately I felt sort of guilty. I probably just made my boss’s life a little more difficult by declining her request, and I just probably shoved that request onto another co-worker who would end up taking my place in Port Huron. Probably 20min later, I called my boss back and told her that I would definitely be open to working out of town. I could tell she was a little relieved, and then she proceeded to tell me I would be heading out to PoHo tomorrow morning to tour the buildings and get my set of keys to the district.

I’m not sure what it was. Maybe I was ready for something different, maybe I was feeling a bit sympathetic towards my boss and co-workers. I’m thinking a little of both.

Fast forward, and I’ve just finished my 6th week of working in PoHo. I’m going to be honest, it’s been exhausting. The constant checking in and out of hotels, frequent phone calls to the office because I’m constantly out of town, and the general lack of quality rest, has really shown me what I can manage and what I can’t. As it turns out, I’m definitely the kind of person who needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night, and I figured that out quickly.

All in all, I’m happy that I’ve reached my end date in PoHo, but definitely not looking forward to my end date for Nova.

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