Good Times with Even Better People | #2

Three weeks in! As great as the work and educational experience has been, the most rewarding part of my internship thus far has been the blossoming relationship. The first week of training in Virginia gave me a fantastic opportunity to get to know the other interns in my group outside of an office environment. Coming back to Chicago, we were all very comfortable around each other and excited to work together. I am sure that with the coming weeks, we will soon become even closer.

My other coworkers have been incredibly welcoming and helpful in these first few weeks. PwC has set up a great mentoring system where each intern is paired with a “buddy,” a “coach,” and a “relationship partner” who are associates, managers and partners, respectively. This makes asking questions, familiarizing myself with systems and developing knowledge of the firm incredibly easy.

Throughout these first few weeks, we have had a number of social events such as a casino night at training, a Big Four kickball tournament (that PwC won!) and happy hours that have given me a chance to spend time with my coworkers on a much more personal level. I look forward to spending the rest of the summer with them and getting to know everyone better!

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