Grand Prize Winner | #4


These past few weeks have been outstanding.

We had a sort of field day for developers followed by a company-wide, global hackathon.

Along with a few other software interns and new hire friends, we…

  1. attended tech talks about machine learning and UX design
  2. competed in a giant Jenga game
  3. watched three Robotics teams show off their robots
  4. completed a scavenger hunt that let us explore all the different floors and sections of our building
  5. immersed ourselves in Fruit Ninja and Superhot through VR

…and had a blast just relaxing from staring at the usual screen of code and learning about interesting computer science topics, chatting with people from different departments, and participating in silly, awesome activities.

Afterwards, I joined my team that included developers, analysts, and a support representative to start on our hackathon project. Overall, there were 600+ participants in 90+ teams from around the globe including various states in the USA, London, India, Bolivia, and more. The Top 11 teams were asked to give a final presentation to the judges, the heads of several different departments who volunteered to participate including the CTO of our department, to determine the Top 3 teams.

I spent a good amount of time to learn about the other team’s projects – everybody had great ideas and presentations.

It was a great two weeks of learning, hacking, and collaborating.

Oh, and we won first place!

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