HNY | #3

Having spent now the last two months in Washington, D.C., I have learned a few things. The first is that this place is absolutely miserable to live in during the summer. Ninety-seven degrees with 95% humidity is a horrible situation to find yourself in when wearing a full suit. The second thing I have learned is how young everybody is. Unlike the picture that is painted of Washington as this great Mecca of the best and brightest (which it is), there was an assumption that I made that this meant that everyone must be older. Not the case. Instead, I have released that, it is the olders and wisers journeying from office to office attempting to get face time with a 20-something leading the charge on whatever issue area a Senator needs attending to, and not the other way around. The demographics of the city add an energy comparable to a college campus, as well, with people out and about around the city when they are out of the office instead of hunkered down at home with a family. On top of it all, coming from the Midwest, there is something special about living in city where news it made and things happen. For those reasons, I hope to come back to hopefully be part of that news-making-things-happening machine.

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