Informational Interview 2

Today, I had my second informational interview with a contact whom I was put in touch with through my mentor here in DC. She currently works at one of the top fundraising firms in DC and has been on the job for a little over six months. I was interested in hearing her perspective on how to get hired in quick after graduation, what her day to day is like in fundraising, and pick her brain for any additional tips she has as I move closer to graduation with hopes of returning to DC.

After an hour-long meeting, I walked away with a lot of answers to the questions I had going in. While she, like many others have said, agreed that it is common to move to DC without a job and work as an intern on the Hill for a few weeks before being hired in. However, she said the more I can get my name and face out there during my last two weeks here, the better off I will be in April as I search for a job. She also mentioned this city is a who you know type of town and it is important to build relationships with people whom will reach out on your behalf to help you secure a job.

As per her role in fundraising, I was very interested to know more about what her day to day was like. After talking with her, my interest in the field has grown even more as she said she has a lot of face to face interaction with clients and often travels on the job.

While our conversation does not apply to my current internship, I’m going to take what I learned from my meeting and try and meet with people throughout these last two weeks who can help give more insight on what they do here in DC since the next time I will be returning I will be on the job hunt.

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  • August 29, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    It’s great to hear, and no surprise coming from a fundraiser, that your contact reiterated the value of networking! I cannot stress how valuable of an investment your network is!


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