Informational Interview #2

For my second informational interview I decided to speak with my direct supervisor. As she is only a few years older than me I felt immediately comfortable with her and as if I could really relate to her situation. In the beginning of our conversation, she explained her role at Sandow as the email coordinator for the digital team. She also explained how she had not expected to end up working in the digital field, her major was completely unrelated! When she got the job at Sandow she decided to dive in and say yes to the responsibilities that accompany her position. She told me that she was thankful that she did not shy away from an opportunity that originally seemed unfamiliar and daunting. She talked about how working at Sandow has allowed her to connect with many different types of people and that maintaining those connections is crucial to be successful. Although she considers her job at Sandow a launching point for her future career she believes that she wants to work for a company where the culture is similar to that of Sandow. Talking with my supervisor really inspired me to take advantage of all the opportunities I am given regardless of how intimidating they may seem while I am still very young and exploring career opportunities!

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