Informational Interview: Blog #4

Since we are a small office, I have worked under nearly every employee of ALSAC Detroit. When deciding on who to interview, I took industry experience and the time spent working alongside the employee into account. I ended up speaking with an employee who started working for St. Jude the same day I did. While new to St. Jude, this employee previously worked for two other non-profits. I have had a great impression of this employee since day 1 and have a large amount of respect for her intelligence and dedication to her job and the hospital.

My interviewee has the qualities necessary for non-profit work or even a sales/marketing job. She is outgoing, optimistic, organized, and resilient. She has worked in non-profits since graduating with a degree in sales/marketing but I got the impression that St. Jude is by far the best non-profit to work for. I ended up telling her that I am most likely not moving forward with a career at a non-profit organization but she ensured me that the people skills I have learned here will help me both in my networking efforts and long-term career.

While she sees herself here in the long-run and I do not, I was still inspired by her professional skills, creative ideas, and positive attitude during difficult moments. She was my favorite person to work under and she treated me with respect throughout the internship. I learned that optimism is the best way to make it through challenges. She says that in this industry, you often have to put on a happy face during stressful situations, which I think can be related to the career I’m interested in as well. We both agreed that my outgoing personality will allow me to get where I want in my career because I have learned to succeed in uncomfortable situations (like asking for a donation) and have learned to put myself out there. 

2 thoughts on “Informational Interview: Blog #4

  • August 1, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    Hi Hannah, Im glad you had the chance to work under someone so inspiring! Keep up the great work and keep putting yourself out there!

  • August 14, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    The ability and confidence to make an ‘ask’ will benefit you throughout your career!


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