Interview 1

This U.S. Probation Officer and I connected because she was my mentor throughout the term of my internship. During my interview I asked her basic questions about her position in the office and how the work atmosphere affects the way she works. She specifically works in the unit that supervises offenders once they are released from prison. I spent a lot of time with this probation officer because we had to go in to the field to visit offenders. We connected even more once we discovered that we had similar interests and I learned a great amount of knowledge about the dynamics of the office.  After we spoke, I learned that it is important to do your job to your best ability and to stay focused, even if others around you may be distracting you from your goal. This applies both towards my educational pursuits and my career pursuits because I need to stay driven and focused if I want to succeed.  The advice she gave me moving forward was to stick with a job that interests me. The criminal justice system is always in need of honest, hard-working individuals. Moving forward, I got to see which part of probation is the most interesting and I would be interested in working with supervision, which requires going in to the field.   

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