Living and Learning in the Capital | #3

Living in Washington, D.C. has already been an incredibly eye-opening experience. Since I first visited the city years ago, I knew that it was somewhere I wanted to live one day. Although I am only here temporarily, the difference between living in the city and simply visiting with a school group is striking. Whether it is learning how to use the Metro on my daily commute, or figuring out the best (and most affordable) places to eat in the city, being here long term has expanded my knowledge of how the city operates.

Specifically, however, it is interesting to finally experience first-hand what many people have spoken about in passing conversations. While I still love the city, there truly is a heightened sense of competition at my work and in the surrounding people. Many individuals are constantly trying to find a way to further themselves. However, that is something that can be found in almost any city; and rather than being discouraged from it, it has lead me to try to surround myself with supportive and positive people.

Now that I am learning how to keep up with the pace, and how to navigate the city itself, I am slowly finding my place in D.C.

Although it will take a little more time to get used to things shutting down a bit earlier at night (especially coming from NYC), looking outside and seeing the Lincoln Memorial lit up in the distance never fails to take my breath away — and truly makes it all worth it.


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