Looking Back While Sprinting Forward -Blog Post #5

It’s done! I’m done!

It feels so good. I’m a little sad that my time with Nova has come to an end, but I’m ready to do some relaxation that is well deserved. But first, I’ll do some reflecting.

To jump right into things, my summer internship with Nova was a spectacular way to start work in the field of environmental science, and really solidified my excitement and curiosity for the natural world.  Knowing this internship would be the start of me dipping my feet in to test the waters of my current career path desires, I worked hard this summer. Not gonna lie, my goal was to be the favorite intern. Not by bringing coffee to my boss or anything, but by showing my supervisors that I am a capable and smart woman with a great work ethic. Let me tell you, it paid off. I’m so happy with my experience this summer with Nova, and not to get ahead of myself, but I’m actually already looking forward to summer internship interviews for next summer where I’ll be able to showcase what I’ve learned and what I can already do, thanks to Nova.

If I had to give advice to a fellow student going into the field of environmental science, I would probably tell them to learn to be flexible. As you may have learned from my previous blog post, there were a lot of curve balls thrown my way this summer. I would just tell them to be able to respond quickly and carefully to situations, but in reality, I think that piece of advice could really apply to any career path. Maybe another suggestion of mine is to listen to yourself. It may have been easier for me, since I’ve always known I wanted to work in environmental science, but if you find you’re interested in something different along the way, don’t write it off! Give it a try!

In terms of the impact of my internship, I feel that it’s been a rather big one, and not just on me. Sure, I learned an incredible amount about something I have a deep passion for this summer, but I also realized that the impact didn’t start and end with me. My friends and family were all very curious about what I was working on all summer, and I found myself often explaining EPA and OSHA laws, and the details of my job to them. People in my life were genuinely interested in hearing about what I was learning first hand. It’s not common to be able to peer into the world of regulations and construction through the eyes of a young person. So in general, I think I’ve peaked interest in my circle of peers and my family about environmental science and surrounding laws. And even if they aren’t persuaded to go out and become environmental scientists like me, at least they have more knowledge than the average person in the world. My friends and family are aware, and it feels incredibly rewarding to know that I’ve sparked that in them.

Reflecting on my time with Nova, it was amazing, and I’m very excited to see what I do next, whether that’s with Nova or not. On my last day in the office, my send off was nice. I got a quick comforting hug from my boss, and was asked that if Nova ever needed to cover projects in Ann Arbor during the school year, if they could give me a call. Of course I said yes.

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  • August 2, 2017 at 12:51 am

    Congratulations!! Your internship sounds like it was a lot of fun and that you really enjoyed working. What was your favorite part overall?


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