Overcoming Obstacles | #4

I encountered quite a few obstacles during my internship. One of my biggest obstacles dealt with store management and a display of Twinkies that I had to put up.

My manager asked me to go down to a store and put up a display of Twinkies. I drove down to the store and immediately went to the back room to find the product. I located the product and then went to speak with the Department Manager named Josh. I had to talk to Josh so that we could agree on a location for the Twinkie display in his section.

Josh was not being very friendly when I went to speak with him. When I asked him where we should put it, he told me that he did not have any room. I then told him that I could clear some room and he said that I could not move anything. I made a few more attempts to try to speak with him and did not get anywhere. I knew that this display was very important to both Walmart and my company because it would increase both of our sales and profits.

I then decided to speak with the Store Manager, named Keith, and had much more success. He told me that I could move things around and make room for the display. When I went to move things around in Josh’s section, he got mad. I told him that Keith said that I could do it and he did not give me any more trouble. I have attached a picture of the Twinkie display that I made.



Putting up this display taught me a lot of lessons. It taught me to be persistent. If I had given up, the display would not have been put up. As a result, both Walmart and my company would have lost profit. I learned that it is important to keep trying.

It also taught me to be creative when problem solving. Not everyone would have thought to go up to higher management to complete their assignment. Since I wasn’t making any progress with Josh, I went to Keith. I learned that if something does not work, find an alternative route.

So even though Josh was an obstacle in my path, I did not let him deter me. I was still able to find my way around him and accomplish my goal.

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