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At my internship, when deals get to a certain stage, a formal report needs to be made to get approval from the limited partners (investors) of the firm. The report outlines what we know about the target company (company overview, business model, industry trends, Etc), a preliminary model with the data we currently have,  and a deal requirement checklist that specifies what criteria needs to be met in order to proceed with the deal. Normally, my job when composing these documents, is to do the company overview, which involves me doing extensive research on the company and the industry. When doing any type of work I always make sure that I review it, and along the way be very meticulous. However, I did not truly understand the attention to detail required in one of these documents. After reviewing my work and showing it to my supervisor, he gave the report back to me marked up with comments all over the page. He said to me that most of the mistakes were due to things such as alignment of images, capitalization, needing quotation marks, or even using the wrong type of bullet point. After going through his comments and correcting my mistakes, I gave the report back to him, only to get it back with more comments pertaining to the formatting of the document or extremely minor grammar mistakes that he had not caught the first time. When finally done correcting all my mistakes, my supervisor said to me, while it is annoying and tedious to make these documents almost perfect, it takes one small mistake to be noticed for someone to discredit all the hard work that you put in. The more I thought about this, the more I realized how accurate it was. Someone may not notice how spot on your data analysis and research were, but they will realize the small misspelling of a word or if you had a period when you needed a question mark. This taught me to thoroughly check my work, multiple times. When checking my work now, I really go through it and insure that I am not missing a beat.

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  • August 1, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Hi Jake, Wow thats a good point that your supervisor made about how it takes one mistake for people to discredit your work. I struggle with making documents perfect, this advice motivates me to continue checking all of my work!


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