Shadow Day #2

Among the responsibilities given to me as an intern at DLIVE, the program also put an emphasis on the need for this experience to be educational. Ray and Calvin (my supervisors) knew that I had a big interest in social work,  and seeing how that was a part of why I chose to intern with them in the beginning of the second week they allowed me to shadow a social worker. I shadowed a lady by the name of Dominique Deveraux for a day. It was the perfect day to shadow a social worker because what began as a slow day in the hospital turned into one of the most chaotic days since the start of my internship. Within a minute of my shadowing, there was a wave of patients coming into the emergency needing immediate help. Two were dead on arrival, one of the dead was able to be brought back to life. The strangest part of the day were these three babies that came into the hospital during the wave and they all were two years old exactly. Dominique’s job was to tend to the patients by reaching to the patient’s families, making sure they knew their family member has been admitted into the hospital, and also connecting the patient to the proper resources that would help them with recovery after they’ve been tended to by the doctors. She was also responsible for calling social services, calling police for investigation, consoling the family, and many other things. As a result of the hectic day, she was always on the go moving from patient to patient making sure everything with each patient was running smoothly. The thing that really caught my attention were the babies. One had been admitted because his father had fell asleep at the wheel on the freeway causing a car accident. Another baby girl had died of suffocation because her father rolled over her in the bed while sleeping. I am unaware why the third baby came in but the only baby that survived was the one in the car accident. It was interesting seeing the different family reactions of the dead babies. One family was very distraught making lots of noise in the hospital, while the other was just as sad but it was more contained. At one point security had to come for the other family to make sure they didn’t cause any more disruption in the hospital. I actually got to see the dead baby girl before she was covered up and I was speechless. It didn’t really hit me until I got home but when I did, I cried for a little while. As sad as it was, it further confirmed for me that I want to help people. I appreciated the experience and the exposure because I had no idea what a typical day in social worker’s life was like.


I am a senior studying Acting Performing in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and I also major in Psychology in the School of Literature, Science, and Arts.

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