UCLA Applied Math REU | Blog Post #3

Image analysis of fungal growth in a media with antibiotic resistance.

After obtaining quantitative results for fungal growth in minimal media, it was time to obtain images of fungal networks when cultured in an antibiotic medium. The change was evident. The network growth was more dendritic and had several branches. Through a microscope, several images were obtained and now I have to type a code that does a comparative analysis between the two sets of images. Over the weekend, I had visited Six Flags Magic Mountain with my co-workers. I am really fond of roller coasters, hence it was an amazing experience! I also saw the movie, Dunkirk.

For the comparative analysis, I plan to use steerable Gaussian filters and template-match with every image. Fortunately MATLAB published a code that generates a Gaussian filter based on a standard deviation value as input. This makes things a lot easier. However, while padding the template with additional pixels along both dimensions: horizontal and vertical, the thresholding algorithm is not producing sufficiently accurate results. Thus, I am currently discussing with my research mentor of ways to improve the results. Hopefully things go well!

On Friday, all the REU students were invited to an informative graduate studies session in the building.  It was really helpful and I did ask a lot of questions about graduate school programs in Computer Science and the GRE.

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