Welcome to Holt Eye Care!

Greetings to all from Holt Eye Care! My name is Pearson Miller and I have a wonderful opportunity this summer, to shadow a few optometrists at a practice in Holt, Michigan. Holt Eye Care offers a range of services from annual eye exams to emergencies as well as monitoring and treatment of chronic eye conditions. They also will help to fill patients’ vision needs, with contacts, glasses, and sunglasses.

I have the chance to follow the new doctor at Holt Eye Care, Dr. Danielle Lefevre O.D.


She just joined the practice in the end of May after she graduated and is full of life and enthusiasm. Dr. Lefevre loves what she does and it is very cool to see how excited she is to help her patients.

Optometry offices do much more than just sell people glasses. Patients come in needing to be fitted for contacts, they need to be educated on how to take care of their contacts, how to put them in and take them out and the importance of changing ones contacts when that is necessary. There are those who visit the office when their eye is bothering them, redness, dryness, excessive watering, seeing flashes of light, and floaters in their vision. The doctors at Holt Eye Care will then do their best to educate, inform and treat these symptoms before sending the patient on their way. Optometry also involves monitoring chronic conditions of the eye. Cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration all have to be the seen on a regular yearly basis to monitor their conditions and prescribe treatment if complications occur.

Whether it’s an emergency, or chronic condition, or just helping a patient’s vision the staff of Holt Eye Care are there to help. It is something that I look forward to observing and maybe, one day, doing for a living.


Pearson Miller

Rising Sophomore, Marching Trumpet, Scholar for Life

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