Wrapping it up in New York | #4

I have enjoyed New York. It is a lively city that just never stops. The Frank Sinatra song that says it never sleeps is almost true. The city is constantly illuminated at night but the streets clear during the evening. New York is a magical place. The days pass quickly and the entire system of lifestyle is just amazing. Everyone is busy doing something that is helping someone else. New York reminds me of an ant colony. There are so many moving pieces and people. Though, it may look random, it all is a system. Everyone is deciding whether to take the 9 o’clock train or the 9:05 train. Everyone has a role within New York and they all are doing work that is in some way interconnected. The financial market is connected to the housing market which connects to different lives and businesses. Everything is connected in some sort of way. Even though it may look random, the man who goes to work will buy from a small business and then head to his job to perform work for someone else.

New York has such history. The museums just leave an individual in awe. The art is wondrous. I have been to a museum every weekend. During my final weekend, I visited the MET and was able to see the history of different parts of the world as well as the history of America. The Statue of Liberty was another work of art that has so much meaning to history. I learned that Lady Liberty was originally all bronze and with the sea, the bronze turned all green. New York is just a historical place that continues to gain in history.

I have been able to experience that history and was able to enjoy the lush green parks that New York contains. I loved every second of exploring them. Especially Central Park.

Now throughout my time here, I also learned that you have to really budget all of your money to the last cent because everything out here is ridiculously expensive. That is something I will not miss. I figured New York would have similar prices to California but that was not the case. Instead, New York prices are significantly higher. Getting a small pint of ice cream would run about $3.50 in California but in New York it is usually about $6.50 for the same size pint of ice cream.


I would love to return and I think that I will return one day but for now, I would like to explore other parts of the world and see what I can do internationally or somewhere else in the United States. With that being said, I can see myself living in New York. I would actually love to live out here. To me, it is the perfect balance between California and Michigan. I really like the weather out here. It is both warm but also has wonderful amounts of rain. The only thing I dislike is the humidity. 

The financial district is out here and so maybe one day I shall return.

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