A Short Story| 4

This is a story that may not be exciting to others but is definitely exciting for me. Its a summary of how I got to work on a spur of the moment research paper with my graduate instructor.

I have recently formed a friendly relationship with the graduate instructor I work with, due to our discovered shared interests and discussions in all thing Biology. During one of our discussions, we began talking about two experiments I performed on Golgi Fragmentation, using two different drugs (Thapsigargin and Nocodazole) that both lead to Cell Apoptosis, but in very different processes. We jokingly spoke on treating the HeLa cells we work on with a combination of both drugs because that would be fun to do. So, over the weekend, we grew and plated new cells for a new experiment using methanol for immunofluorescence. However, something went wrong and the cells were not grown enough to perform a new experiment with, but they were good enough to perform repeated experiments. Therefore, I had nothing to work on that day and we decided we might as well perform our discussed experiment just for fun.

When the results came in, our “fun” experiment actually became serious, due to the results we got (takes a while to explain). We presented these results to the professor who heads the lab and we were granted permission to perform more representative experiments. We are currently in the process of writing a research paper on our experiment which I will be credited on. I look forward to working on this experiment more and I am really excited to see how the paper turns out.

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