Blog #1 Goals

Within this internship, I would like to make sure that I accomplish the art of networking in a professional setting. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, we are exposed to the art of networking. However, there are very limited opportunities to be able to exhibit those skills learned. With the internship I’m doing, I will be able to apply all the knowledge that I learned throughout my undergraduate career regarding networking. Also, most networking we practice as undergraduate students are more social, and less professional due to the fact that we are networking amongst students. With this internship, I will be able to be more professional and formal with my networking opportunities.


With the internship I’ve been granted with, I would like to gain more insight in the general realm of my internship, Public Health. There are so many realms of public health in general, and I’ve broken it down into a couple fields that I am interested in. The internship I have is in one of those fields that I am interested in. I would like to make sure that this field is a field of public health that I can see myself in. Gaining more insight as to what a career would look like in this field will help me decide whether I would like to continue to pursue skills and opportunities in this field.

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