Blog #2 Work Culture

To me, work culture is an etiquette that needs to be maintained in the work setting. It can include keeping a positive attitude when interacting with participants or other co-workers, depending on the work environment. In my internship, my employer would say that a large portion of my work culture would include confidentiality, and a certain speech etiquette that would consist of ensuring that our participant’s information would not be readily available. When sending emails or leaving voicemails, a range of possibilities are set depending on each and every unique situation, therefore it is pertinent to ensure that confidentiality protocol is always being met on each unique situation.


The physical work environment shows that my co-workers are very friendly, and there is an apparent system that I need to get acquainted to when working at this internship. There are three main parts in my physical environment; my office space, the clinic area and where data analyzing occurs.  My work styles change greatly depending on each environment I encounter. For example, the pace in my office is slower in relation to the pace in the clinic. Whenever I enter the doors for the clinic, I expect to change my pace and be expected to do a range of tasks. I like this style of work, and I would like a career that includes a similar pace of work.

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