Blog #3 Value of Diversity

My internship specifically has a variety of diversity that I can say I truly appreciate. My study in my internship includes a large list of midlife women (for the most part, all of which are in the same socio-economic class) and I find this group of midlife women to be extremely diverse. These women have been working in the study I’m assisting in for 20+ years, some helping for longer than I was born! Unfortunately, most of my women figures in my family passed away when I was young, so it is always a humbling opportunity to hear each of these women’s stories as I assist them in the ways needed to help make the clinic visit go as smooth as possible.


The diversity ranges from race to their personal upbringing and stories. It’s given me a very different light as I navigate my internship, because it made me consider a career where a majority of my work would include working with midlife women. These women are extremely knowledgeable and every day I go into clinic, I always hear another unique and humbling life story. It honestly is one of the things that I expect and get excited for when I enter my internship each day. This diversity that I see outside of my day-to-day life has allowed me this opportunity to gain this unique knowledge.

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