Blog 4: Quantifying and Re-evaluating

Looking back on my very first blog post, I can already tell that this one is going to be slightly different. One could detect the hope and hint of nervousness emanating from the first one, but now it’s more about the skills I have acquired and use on a daily basis. I used to be a bit of an excel noob, but now I would like to think that I’m pretty adept at it. I’ve also tried my hand at corporate accounts analysis which reminded me why I miss doing it. I’ve learned to look at the way markets worked from a different perspective which was one of my original goals for this internship.  I can pretty much remember the name of single company that I’ve researched and see some of them on a daily basis on my way to work! If someone had told me that I would have trolled through numerous business databases, reaching a number in the thousands by the end of this summer, I would not have believed them. The magnitude of the work I’ve put in over in small period of time makes it feel both significant and insignificant. Significant in the way that it makes a legitimate difference in business decisions being made and my ideas being taken into consideration, but insignificant in the way that people do this work all throughout the year and probably make a bigger impact than I do. I may even follow them one day and choose to be a private equity analyst full-time!

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