Blog #7: A future in Car Sales?

” Do you really want to sell cars as a career? Like when you’re older.”

This was undoubtedly the most common question I would get from friends and family members when I told them my summer internship would be at a Car Dealership. This wasn’t exactly surprising to me however because as I have mentioned in previous blogs, I (along with the full time sales staff here at Victory Toyota) know full well that many people look down upon those in the sales industry, and especially car salesmen. I even see it in my everyday work at the dealership, people come in and are instantly not trusting of me, and sometimes even speak down to me as if I perform a task which they consider to be not worthy of their respect.

Before starting my internship, my answer to my friends and family’s question was: “of course not, selling cars would not be my first career choice. And today, despite having gained a great deal of respect for the industry and for the salesmen who drive it, my answer remains the same, “no, I don’t have a strong desire to sell cars as a career.” However, this internship experience has certainly increased my interest in the business field in general. Prior to this internship, I didn’t give a business career much thought, as I had always figured I would want to have a career in the public policy field. But after feeling the drive and the competitive nature that  business can inspire and provoke, I plan on taking some classes in the business school,  and seeing if a future in business career field would be a good fit for me.

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