Blog #6 Connecting Your Studies to your Academic Exploration

I am very thankful for this internship. This internship has allowed me to delve more into the school of public health and it has allowed me to confirm that I would like to pursue public health. Since my internship hired me in the fall and winter terms, I will be in the school of public health often. I have also aligned my schedule in the fall so that 2 out of 5 of my classes will be related to public health. I did this because my transcript displays a pre-medical student, and I would like to do delve into this realm of study.


This internship has allowed me to explore different realms in public health. Since my internship was in the department of epidemiology, I enrolled in two courses that focus on HIV and HIV related things, such as contraceptives to prevent spreading the disease, etc. I will also be taking a course where I will be volunteering at a center that focuses on treatment and informing individuals who do and do not have HIV/AIDS.


I’m in a service fraternity, and we have a large variety of options where we can volunteer, therefore I will also focus my community service in those fields and the general field of health to maximize my exposure to this very broad topic!

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