“Brokerage Never Sleeps”

“Brokerage never sleeps”, said by one of my superiors just the other day, also a verse that I have found shockingly true during my internship in Boston. Success is self-driven. The amount of time and energy one puts into real estate not only yields a tremendous outcome but also allows one to dictate their own life style and manage their priorities while enjoying an industry that is ever so changing.

Every day I am surrounded by people who are enjoy the competition and succeed despite the pressure. It is eye opening to see how the real world works, making me both excited for the future and also fortunate I have a year left of college.

What I like about brokerage is that it is what you make it. If you want to be successful, you stay those long hours and search for the deals. The more time put into networking, contacting tenants, landlords and also being available, responsive and dedicated to the job, the more experience one will gain. Brokerage is hard work but also rewarding. This summer has definitely taught me that flexibility is key and time is limited, therefore dedication is key.

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