Farewell Gartner! – Blog #5

This was posted on August 2nd, 2017.

Two more days to go. At 5:00 PM today we turn in our final metrics and stop our prospecting campaign. It has been a long but fantastic summer. I am extremely excited to get back home to Ann Arbor but this experience has been well worth it. During my 10 week internship at Gartner I have developed many new skills and strengthened existing ones. I have increased my network tenfold and actually more than quadrupled the amount of connections I have on LinkedIn. I have gained great friendships and lasting impressions. This Internship was a success. I achieved significant personal and professional growth that will allow me to achieve greatness in whatever adventure I take next.

I have a meeting tomorrow with my manager to go over my future at Gartner and in general. I have already been told that I will receive a job offer to come back, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I want to stay in Michigan. It hurts to turn down such an incredible opportunity but my heart is in Michigan and the four seasons! However, I have gained some amazing relationships that I will be able to leverage when searching for future jobs.

After going through a 10 week sales internship, some advice I would have for students planning on taking an internship in sales would be to really understand what you will be doing on a day to day basis. Make sure to ask the recruiters and the people interviewing you exactly what you will be doing in your role. I have found with sales internships that you may not always be selling an actual product. Once you understand exactly what you will be doing, make your decision on where you want to work based off which internship will allow you to grow the most professionally and personally.

Bringing my blogs to a close, I urge you all to take your internships seriously and be a sponge. Learn as much as possible and absorb EVERYTHING.

Thank you for reading!

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