Final Thoughts: The Peak of the Mountain

I have been in Biscarrosse, France for over a month now, and I have just under a month left before I head back home. In the one month that I have been here, I have adjusted, learned, and experienced so much. Whether it’s the improvement of my language skills, the improvement of getting into the swing of the routine, or the close friendships I have made, I have experienced enough ups and downs to know how I want my second month at my camp to look like.

I’m very happy to report that some of my goals for this internship have been met! My main goal was to improve my language skills, and that included being able to hold a fluid and strong conversation. Though I still occasionally make the mistakes any non-native speaker would make, I find that I am not as timid when vacationers come up to me with questions. I used to be afraid of not being able to answer because of the language barrier, but even though my French isn’t perfect, I am still able to help for the most part. My second goal was to have a strong, positive impact on the kids. So many kids come up to me asking for hugs or just to say hi, and many of them tell me how sad they are when they have to go back home. Having this relationship with the kids, even if they are only staying for a couple days, is so important to me. It means that I am able to communicate in another language strong enough where I can include myself in these children’s lives. I have worked hard and climbed to the top of the mountain, and now it will be an easy way down.

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