Goals / #1

I have adjusted to the work environment over the past two weeks in the City of Traverse City Planning and Engineering Departments. I have discovered that while I have a variety of projects to work on, I must be disciplined and self-directed in a different practice than in the academic environment. I realize that because I have control over my direction, I need to establish goals to orient my efforts.

One of my priorities is have a tangible accomplishment from this experience. This goal is important to me because I believe it will benefit me in the future job searches. A common piece of wisdom I have been told when working on my resume is to list specific accomplishments, which is worth more than the name of your previous employer. A project that I wish to finish and use for this purpose is the redesign of the Residential and Commercial Development Guide. I want this project to display my writing and editing skills, and demonstrate that I have the capability of finishing a task on my own.

A more personal goal for this experience is to help direct my future career. I came into this internship with an interest in urban planning, but without much insight as to what I’d actually like to do. As I have discovered, there are many different aspects that go into “urban planning” and “urban development.” I’m starting to realize some are more appealing to me than others, and I hope that by the end of this internship I will have an even clearer idea as to where I’d like to take my learning and career.

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