Half-way Done! Blog #4

This was posted on July 8th.

Wow. What an incredible experience I have had so far. I have learned more than I could ever imagine, have grown personally and professionally, and have met plenty of amazing people along the way. I cannot believe it is half way done, where did the time go?

I am currently number three out of the 109 interns for the metrics of setting meetings. Also, I am feeling really good about my performance so far and I am planning on continuing to hit the phones hard and set meetings with my prospects! However, this past week has slowed down in the meeting count and I presume I will have to change up my tactics in order to get in touch with my prospects. That being said, I have began to attack this challenge by talking with my many mentors I have gained about how I should proceed. I actually just set up a meeting with my BDE manager for next Monday to go over how to increase my email responses. It is absolutely incredible how collaborative everyone at Gartner is and how I have yet to meet someone that wouldn’t drop what they are doing to help me, a little intern, to succeed!

All in all, my internship has been a great success so far. My manager has told me she would love to have me back here next year on her team permanently and confirmed I would be receiving a job offer! I truly appreciate her comments and I am glad to see my hard work pay off. However, it saddens me that I already know I will not be coming down to Florida next year as I have my main priorities at home, in Michigan. As I have told many people already, if this job at Gartner was in Michigan… I’d be all in! I have nothing against Florida and sun 365 days a year, but as I explained earlier in my blogs, Michigan is my home and where I need to be.

I hope these blogs have painted a picture of how my Internship experience has been and how incredible of a company and culture Gartner has to provide. I am truly excited to see what the last few weeks has in store for me!

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